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HANDELL CONSULTORIA E ADVOCACIA EMPRESARIAL is a modern office based in the capital of the state of Mato Grosso, with a solid structure and determined to provide specialized legal services in the light of the current constitutional and infraconstitutional order.

The firm adds knowledge in the various areas that Corporate Law covers, safeguarding determination to maintain the level of responsibility, confidentiality and commitment of its professionals in the identification and adequate solution of legal puzzles.

Its experienced members believe that effectiveness in providing services is the essential element in the formation of the link that unites the lawyer / client relationship, both in the area of ​​advisory guidance and in the performance of administrative and judicial litigation.

The specialization of the technical staff and the prestige of reliability criteria with result make HANDELL CONSULTORIA E ADVOCACIA EMPRESARIAL reference in the State of Mato Grosso.


  • Charles S. Handell

  • Charles S. Handell Filho

  • Matheus S. Handell

  • Thaissa P. Handell

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+55 65 3648-8500

Av. Historiador Rubens de Mendonça, 1894, C. E. Maruană, conjunto 1406/1409, Bosque da Saúde, Cuiabá - MT CEP 78.050-000

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